What is a baggage scanner?

Baggage scanners are very important, and you see them more and more often. Especially at government buildings and airports, they are essential for security. Baggage needs to be checked for hidden goods and this is done with a scanner. A baggage scanner can check what is in the baggage, and this is obviously very important. It is a conveyor belt and through X-Ray, it can check what is in the baggage. An employee can check it through a screen and can give approval, or not. These scanners are indispensable for the security of a particular building and others. Yet, there are different systems when you look at baggage scanners, but which systems are there? In this article, we will go into this in detail, so you can find out all about them.


Baggage scanners with a dual-energy system work very well and work with X-ray. By means of two energy spikes, they can take a good look at what is inside the luggage. This is a high-energy peak, but of course also a low-energy peak. The high peaks have less absorption and are great for displaying heavier materials. The low peaks, on the other hand, are useful for rendering the light elements in the luggage. The image representations of the two energies can be compared, and this makes it all a lot easier.

Of course, there are other systems when looking at baggage scanners, and it is best to compare them. Most buildings and businesses choose the dual-energy system because it can detect the most. Every system has its own methods of detecting things and this can be always useful.

Explosives detection

There are also special machines for explosives detection and this is, of course, very important. It is an inspection that looks for explosives in hand luggage. This inspection is of course essential for people’s safety. You have special machines for this, and these can also be ordered on the internet. You also often see these machines at the airport and at important government buildings. The machines also work with X-rays and can see exactly where the explosives are. Criminals and terrorists try to hide it well, but with a good explosives detection system, this is almost impossible. At airports, you also increasingly see dogs, which check luggage for explosives. So, you have different ways in which explosives can be detected at an airport, and that makes it a lot safer.

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